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Ulyanovsk State University
Ulyanovsk State University
Nail Mukhitov, the Assistant Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, gives a lecture for USU students

Major General, special forces combat officer, holder of three Orders of Courage at a meeting with students and staff of UlSU admitted that he has warm feelings for our region - he was born in  the Tetyushsky district of Tatarstan, which used to be part of the Ulyanovsk region. Mukhitov …

USU specialists discuss prospects of cooperation with colleagues from Malaysia

Maria Salnikova, Dean of the International Faculty of USU, Maria Knyazeva, Head of the Department of International Relations of USU, Jessom Tinavin, Vice-President of the educational consortium "INTI International University & Colleges" and Chu Onn, Vice-Rector for International Relations and International Academic Mobility Programs held a joint meeting.

The parties …

Spring, joy, love! USU students celebrate Holi - the Festival of Colors

Indian students of USU celebrated the Bengali New Year, a holiday symbolizing the onset of spring. In 2016, UNESCO included the celebration of Holi in the representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

By tradition, international  students sprinkled each other with dry paints. It is believed that the …

USU in the prestigious WBC world ranking

Ulyanovsk State University  is in the top 15 universities of Russia and  the second  in the "Information accessibility" index

The results of the "Global World Communicator (GWC). Education and Science”  world ranking of universities in the framework of the international program have been published. USU entered the top 15 best Russian …

USU introduces the ""Dentistry " educational program

Ulyanovsk State University opens enrollment for "Dentistry" - a new educational program of higher education on 31.05.03.

Students who have been trained under this educational program will receive the "Dentist" qualification. The training period is 5 years. Form of study – full-time

Xiang Bo , Chinese Consul General in Kazan , visits UlSU

Xiang Bo  Consul General and representatives of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Kazan visited Ulyanovsk State University. The program of the visit included a visit to the University's Russian-Chinese Strategic Partnership Center, communication with representatives of the university administration and students receiving education in the …

New photo exhibition at the USU administrative building

The heroes of the exposition were the best holders of university activities who achieved the highest results. Those  activities  , or interest clubs, were created at the university as part of the  "Social Actor" strategic project. Today there are more than 60 of them. Students and university staff, as well …

USU Rector Boris Kostishko at the XV Eurasian Universities Association

The anniversary congress is held on the basis of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Representatives of universities discuss the main areas of cooperation of the member universities of the Association, as well as organizational issues of the EAU.

The Euroasian Universities Association is one of the oldest associations of universities in …

USU students master entrepreneurial activity

USU ”Boiling Point”  held a large entrepreneurial tournament— a large-scale educational game for those who want to master the secrets of business. More than 30 students were able to get acquainted with the basics of entrepreneurship and design, gained teamwork skills, and got acquainted with the experts of the federal …

"CARDO" international competition-award unites representatives of modern culture and sports

"CARDO" is  a new project of the "Russia is a country of opportunities" presidential platform, aimed at supporting talents in the field of street culture and sports, creating social elevators for the youth of the streets.

The streets  today  are recognizable brands, athletes, dancers, cultural figures, promising public and business …

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