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Ulyanovsk State University
Ulyanovsk State University
USU is a partner of the «Xinhua» agency Representative Office in Moscow

 Chinese Cultural Center in Moscow hosted the presentation of the "One Belt, One Road" new information portal. The portal was created with the participation of Xinhua, the official news agency of the Government of the People's Republic of China and the largest information center in China.

Boris Kostishko, USU rector, and   …

USU anniversary celebration

This year Ulyanovsk State University celebrated the anniversary date - the 35th anniversary of its foundation. The main celebrations will take place on September 22. Students, graduates, teachers and staff of the university, as well as residents of Ulyanovsk are waiting for festive events dedicated to the anniversary date.

We …

USU invites you to participate in the IT dictation

USU DNA Center has become the site of the All-Russian IT dictation. On September 13, we invite teachers, students and schoolchildren to take part in the project.

The event is timed to coincide with the Programmer's Day in Russia: the holiday is celebrated annually on the 256th day of the …

USU launches the " Learning by Service " pilot project on the International Charity Day

USU has become one of the universities where an educational course with this name will be organized. The University announces the collection of applications for those wishing to become its social partners. The first wave of collecting applications will last until September 15 on the https://dobro.ru/  website.

" Learning by …

USU opens a creative space for bookcrossing

Bookcrossing is a movement   and its the main goal  is  to give the book a second life on the principle of "read – pass it on to another". Books are left in public places, libraries or on special shelves. Such shelves appeared in the foyer of the building No. 1 of …

USU welcomes new students to its family

For first-year students and other members of the friendly university team, the  Knowledge Day  traditionally began with a solemn lineup at the USU stadium. USU rector Boris Kostishko, USU president  Yuri Polyanskov  and many other honored  guests congratulated newly-minted  and  said their parting words.

Boris Kostishko congratulated the first-year students on …

USU has joined an international CPD programme for university teachers of English

Ulyanovsk State University has joined an international CPD programme for university teachers of English from the People’s Republic of China by offering a postgraduate course in linguistics. The joint Sino-Russian academic excellence programme is called "Language Services in a Disruptive World" and was initiated by the educational institution Literra Education …

Concert for the National Flag Day

Ulyanovsk State University have  prepared a concert and entertainment program dedicated to the National Flag Day  of the Russian Federation.

 August 22 at 16.00 , USU amphitheater , see  you there!

USU graduates continue their studies master's degree at the Harbin Medical University

Anastasia Osipova and Yulia Kadyrova, graduates of USU`s Medical Faculty, received a scholarship from Harbin Medical University. They will study in China for three years with the writing of a doctoral thesis and the assignment of an appropriate degree.

Harbin Medical University is located in Heilongjiang Province, the university was …

USU developments help the environment

The project, developed on the basis of a joint startup studio of USU and Moscow State University named after Ogarev , was presented at the expanded board of the Ministry of Agriculture of Mordovia on compliance with environmental and environmental legislation. The ideas of scientists from two universities were presented …

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