Обычная версия
For English-speaking students
Lecture for students studying the disciplines of the department in the English language
1. History of medicine.
Lecture №1. History of medicine as ascience. Medicine of a primitive-communal system Lecture 1.pdf
Lecture №2. Healing in the countries of the Ancient East Lecture 2.pdf
Lecture №3. Healing in the countries of the Ancient Mediterranean Lecture 3.pdf
Lecture №4. Medi cine of the periods early and Middle Ages Lecture 4.pdf
Lecture №5. Medicine of the period of the end Middle Ages Lecture 5.pdf
Lecture №6. Medico-biological field of medicine Modern Times Lecture 6.pdf
Lecture №7. Medicine modern Times (Clinical medicine) 1640-1918 Lerture 7.pdf
Lecture №8. Health care. Soviet period of Russian medicine  Lecture 8.pdf
Lecture №9. Health care of  Simbirsk guberniya and the Ulyanovsk region Lecture 9.pdf
2. Public health and Healthcare.

Lecture 1. The basis of public health and Healthcare subject. 1.pdf
Lecture 2. Medical and social aspects of demography. 2.pdf
Lecture 3. Morbidity of the population.3.pdf
Lecture 4. Medical and social aspects of major communicable and noncommunicable diseases. 4.pdf
Lecture 5. Legal basis for protecting the health of Russian citizens. 5.pdf
Lecture 6. Fundamentals of health insurance.6.pdf
Lecture 7. The organization of medical care. Basics. 7.pdf
Lecture 8. Hospital care organization. 8.pdf
Lecture 9. Fundamentals of treatment and preventive care organization for women and children. 9.pdf
Lecture 10. Features and problems of medical care to villagers. 10.pdf
Lecture 11. Medical examination. Examination of temporary incapacity for work. 11.pdf
Lecture 12. Disability as a medical and social problem. 12.pdf
Lecture 13. Theoretical Health care quality management basics. 13.pdf
Lecture 14. Health Economics Basics. 14.pdf
3. Hygiene.