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Ulyanovsk State University
Ulyanovsk State University
USU invites you to participate in the IT dictation

USU DNA Center has become the site of the All-Russian IT dictation. On September 13, we invite teachers, students and schoolchildren to take part in the project.

The event is timed to coincide with the Programmer's Day in Russia: the holiday is celebrated annually on the 256th day of the …

USU Digital Department - more than 700 students are about to get new competencies in the field of IT

This academic year, a fundamentally new educational format has been launched at USU. "Digital Department" is a joint project of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, it gives university students the opportunity to get a …

Roman Ananyev, CEO of the ASAP Lab, holds a master class at USU

The CEO of ASAP Lab will hold a "Projects in the IT industry" master class for students of additional professional retraining programs implemented within the framework of the Digital Department project.

The meeting with Roman Ananyev will take place on March 29 at 14:15 in auditorium No. 40 (building No. …

USU holds the annual "Trajectories of interaction in the development of digital skills «conference

The interregional forum will be the fifth in a row. Its goal is to expand the network of career guidance interaction between USU and Ulyanovsk schools in the IT direction, covering the network of code classes. Exchange of experience, presentations of advanced pedagogical technologies contribute to the professional growth of …

A meeting with Alexander Shcherbin - the CEO of ITECH.group

USU organized a meeting with Alexander Shcherbin the CEO of ITECH.group. The meeting was held  in the House of scientific collaboration of   USU.

The event was a  part of a large-scale campaign "IT environment". The audience of listeners was made up of high school students who are engaged in code …

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